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A full range support to Machine Vision Cameras
     As the loading of production line getting heavier, the quality assurance has become an important issue to the manufacturer on inspecting the products. Therefore, the Machine Vision solution has brought to manufacturer’s attention.
    LEX’s TWITTER System for Machine Vision solution is not only providing wide combination of high-speed camera interfaces, such as 1394B, Giga LAN and USB. It also possesses the needs for industrial standard of anti-vibration on board CPU, SSD, Memory and complete Dustproof advantage. Furthermore, it is best suitable for Wide Range Power supply environment from 9V to 36V.
On board
. Memory
. Wide Range 9V ~ 36V
TWITTER Chassis Specification
Mainboard 3I525AW (Atom Dual Core)
Storage CF card / 2.5" HDD
Support interface 2 x 1394B / 1 x 1394A
2 x USB 2.0
2 x Giga Ethernet
TWIN Chassis Specification
Chassis TWIN
Mainboard 2I380A (Bay Trail-I Single / Quad Core)
Power DC IN +12V, +9V to 36V (Option)
Storage mSATA
Support interface 1 x Intel Giga Ethernet
1 x USB 3.0 ; 3 x USB 2.0