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LEX launches series of ultra small 102 x 73 mm (same dimension as 2.5" Hard Disk)
     SBC boards which are with ultra lower power consumption and maximizing computer performance. The benefits of low-power consumption and a compact size make these platforms well suited for many space-limited and thermally constrained embedded applications, such as Mobile security surveillance, Digital Signage machines, visual inspection instruments, and in-vehicle PC systems.
Main Features
. Low Power Consumption-ideal be integrated as PoE client system or mobile solutions
. Ultra small size – easily be integrated into space-limited applications
. Flexible I/O & fanless design
. Maximum performance and extreme reliability
Intel Cedarview-M Intel® Atom™ N2600 / N2800
2I260A series
VGA, DVI,HDMI, 1 x Gb Ethernet,
USB Line-out / Mic-in
2I260D series
COM, HDMI, 3 x Gb Ethernet,
2I268H series
1 x Gb Ethernet, Battery charger function, Wide Range +9~36V DC-in, Touch, DIO
2I268C series
1 x Gb Ethernet, Touch Screen,
Line-out, DIO
Intel Bay Trail Intel® Bay Trail-I E3815 / E3845 CPU
2I380A series
COM, VGA, HDMI 1 x Gb Ethernet, 4 x USB
2I385A/C(W) Series
VGA, LVDS, 4 x COM, 2 x Gb Ethernet,
Touch Screen, Wide Range +9~36V DC-in
2I385HW Series
VGA, LVDS, COM, 2 x Gb Ethernet,
Touch Screen, Wide Range +9~36V DC-in
Intel Ivy Bridge Intel® Ivy Bridge 1047UE / i3 / i7 CPU
2I847H series
VGA & LVDS, 1 x Gb Ethernet,
Touch Screen, 2 x COM , DI/DO
Embedded System
Model Name ANT TWIN
Chassis Dimension 135 W x 85 D x 30 H mm 145 W x 89.3 D x 35 H mm
Material Aluminum Aluminum
Weight 0.5 Kg (Incl. M/B) 0.7 Kg (Incl. M/B)
Storage Space mSATA mSATA
Model Name SHARK 7" / 10.1"/ 13.3" Medical UNO PoE
Chassis Dimension 184.7 W x 122.5 D x 40 H mm (7") 180W x 125 D x 42 H mm
250 W x 168 D x 40 H mm (10.1")
349.2 W x 220.8 D x 40 H mm (13.3")
Material Aluminum + SECC Aluminum + Plastic
Weight 2 Kg (Incl. M/B) 1.0 Kg (Incl. M/B)
Storage Space mSATA 1 x 2.5" HDD