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15" Fanless POS System
This slim POS system is designed for retail store, commercial use and self-service kiosk. An integrated POS system enable to help the tradition retail stores much easier to manage the regular stuff or even improve the financial balance. A POS system can keep tracking all the income, outcome, sales history, discount or refund setting; even more, it’d help to reduce any unpredictable checkout mistake made by person or other unexpected results it may caused.
Main Features
Easy-installed, cost-effective and fanless design
Ideal for all kinds of POS solutions
VESA 75 wall mount spec.
Resistive touch screen
IP66 / IP67 waterproof
Open frame mechanical design
Extension twin view solution
LED backlight
IP66/67 Waterproof POS
w/ Aluminum Chassis
The waterproof POS system is ideal for restaurant, central kitchen or as outdoor information kiosk. Accident is inevitable, so is the bad weather, dropping liquid and dust are almost everywhere, which is why a working environment like kitchen or outdoor space would need such completely waterproof POS system to prevent unavoidable accident.
Bezel-free Flat POS
w/ Aluminum Chassis
LEX bezel-free panel pc with its compact size and low power consumption feature can be dedicated to retail stores, restaurants and commercial use and self-service Kiosk solutions. The bezel-free flat panel allows system to resists to water, dust, grease, liquid, bio-fluids & food. And the ultra slim thickness & low power consumption make LEX products easily integrated to various POS/ Kiosk systems.
Resistive Touch POS
w/ Plastics Front Panel
There are many other POS solutions for customers to choose from.
A slim POS system panel stand offers adjustability of tilt function to optimize the screen for each user with com fortable view angle. Its panel stand keeps it firmly in place.
MODEL Fanless Panel PC
Panel PC Dimension 104 H x 376 W x 313 D mm
Case Dimension 73 H x 326 W x 282 D mm
Front Panel Dimension 31 H x 376 W x 313 D mm
Material Alumiunm + Plastics
Weight 5.3 Kg ( lncl. M/B )
Storage 2.5" HDD
Operation Humidity 8 ~ 90% @ 39°C , non-condensing
MODEL Panel PC Information
Resolution XGA 1024 x 768
Brightness ( cd/m2 ) 400
Contrast Ratio 400 : 1
Number of Colors 262144
Touch Screen AMT 8 wires / Resistive Touch Screen
Mounting Spec. VESA 75/100
Panel frame water proof IP65


M/B information: ( Please refer to M/B specification )
CPU Type M/B Model VGA COM LAN USB Audio DVI Expansion slot Operation Temp.
Intel Atom D525
1 6 2 2 YES - 1 x Mini PCI / 2 x PCIe mini card 45°C 45°C